Get help

Web development can be complex and hard — but you’ll eventually get it if you put in the effort. Below are all the ways you can help yourself and get help from others.

If you’re having troubles or finding code difficult here are the options for getting help:

1 Watch all the videos

Watching the videos for each week is extremely helpful. If you haven’t been watching them not only are you losing marks but you’re also ignoring the primary source of learning materials.

What if I don’t like videos?

That’s perfectly okay—that’s why every video playlist is accompanied by a written tutorial, like this tutorial on HTML semantics.

Video watching is expected

There are ~14 weeks in the term—many of which will have videos.

The videos are part of your homework—you’re expected to watch all them.

2 Attend all the labs

Attendance at the 1-hour labs outside class—if you have them scheduled—is mandatory.

The labs are a perfect time to ask questions of your peers and the TAs.

Attend multiple labs

If you didn’t get all the help you needed from your scheduled lab, attend a lab for one of the other sections—attend all three even!

Lab sticky note system

Labs will follow a slightly modified sticky note system, pictured below.

No help needed—working or watching
Help needed—anybody can help out
Help from TA—always has priority
Success!—helping others

Web Dev 2 lab times

  1. Mon. 12–1 @ N210
  2. Mon. 3–4 @ N210
  3. Fri. 11–12 @ N208

3 Tag your teacher on GitHub

If you’re away from school and you need help, open an Issue on GitHub and tag your teacher, they’ll get back to you in a timely manner and guide you.







4 Stop by office hours

Many of the teachers have office hours that you can drop by and get help directly from them—they’re literally sitting there waiting for people to come ask questions. Use this time!

These things shouldn’t need to be said—but:

  • Do come prepared—laptop awake, code open.
  • Come with specific questions and concerns or looking for specific feedback.
  • If there’s a huge line-up, each meeting will have time limit to accommodate everybody.

Book alternative times

If the times don’t work for you, contact your teacher directly and ask if they’re willing to meet at another time.

Thomas @ J104

  • Mon. 11–12
  • Tue. 10–11
  • Thu. 11–12


By appointment only.


By appointment only.

5 Get a tutor

If you’re really struggling and next extra help outside class you can book time with tutors. The tutors are students from the course who have already completed the class you’re currently taking.

When searching on Algonquin’s Peer Tutoring site only search for the tutor’s name. You probably won’t find your course.

The tutors cost you $6 per hour.

Book a tutor through Algonquin’s Peer Tutoring Centre.

6 Email your teacher

If you’re really struggling and don’t know what to do—please talk to your teacher. Don’t stay quiet—speak up (even if it’s digitally)—staying quiet will only make things compound.

Your teacher can help you out and point you in a direction.