Web dev course curriculums

The Algonquin Design web development stream includes four core courses and two culminating performance courses where students learn & demonstrate their knowledge—and filled with lots of self-directed learning opportunities.

Core courses

Algonquin College’s Graphic Design program has six core web development courses—one each term lasting for up to fifteen weeks—exploring a range of topics from intro to HTML all the way to responsive, component-driven design systems.

Web Dev 1

Web development is the production of functional, interactive websites accomplished through the use of the HTML and CSS coding languages. Using video tutorials, step-by-step online lessons, and automation, students explore processes such as semantics and mobile-first architecture, and tools like cloud platforms and version control, in tandem with precise organization principles and current best practices.

  1. 15 weeks
  2. 14 video playlists
  3. 8 activities
  4. 11 step-by-step lessons
  5. 28 exercises
  6. 1 big project

Web Dev 2

The web is accessible to all human beings on the planet. Using grid systems, type systems, and reusable code, students construct modular and flexible web architectures to support the many different screen dimensions, platforms, and needs of people connected to the web.

  1. 15 weeks
  2. 6 video playlists
  3. 11 activities
  4. 7 step-by-step lessons
  5. 27 exercises
  6. 1 big project

Web Dev 3

The modern web is not just functional but also beautiful. Students apply visual design best practices to include more user-friendly graphics, iconography, animations, and rich interactions to make their websites functional, delightful, and performant.

  1. 15 weeks
  2. 10 video playlists
  3. 10 activities
  4. 12 step-by-step lessons
  5. 24 exercises
  6. 1 big project

Web Dev 4

Design consistency in large websites is hard to achieve. Using visual design & code best practices, students build a cohesive library of common components, patterns, and styles. Small teams will exchange pattern libraries and demonstrate the many components by creating full page template deliverables.

  1. 15 weeks
  2. 5 video playlists
  3. 9 activities
  4. 16 step-by-step lessons
  5. 24 exercises
  6. 2 big projects

Web Dev 5

Graphic designers are hired for their personality and their work quality. The first interaction potential employers have is through the designer’s online presence—most importantly a portfolio website. Leasing personal domains, configuring servers for email addresses, and peer reviews are some of the topics explored to launch a successful personal portfolio website.

  1. 15 weeks
  2. 7 video playlists
  3. 8 activities
  4. 9 step-by-step lessons
  5. 17 exercises
  6. 3 big projects

Web Dev 6

No web projects are created by just one person—collaboration with other people is fundamental to successful websites. Teams of students organize and create large-scale websites using project management tools, version control systems, online messaging, and issue trackers.

  1. 10 weeks
  2. 3 video playlists
  3. 2 activities
  4. 3 step-by-step lessons
  5. 6 exercises
  6. 4 big projects

Self-directed courses

Outside the core Web Dev courses, Algonquin Graphic Design offers self-directed couses for enthusiastic students to explore more complex and in-depth materials with guidance on their own time.


Interaction and effects on the web are spectacular when enhanced with the JavaScript programming language. Students create motion graphics and complex interactions to enhance the user experience after learning programming basics with activities like co-op games, interactive code-based quizzes, and programming challenges.

  1. 8 weeks
  2. 5 video playlists
  3. 10 activities
  4. 8 step-by-step lessons
  5. 21 exercises
  6. 1 big project


Scattered throughout each term are two-hour workshops that introduce students to topics from the self-directed courses or explore more ideas for web development that aren’t covered in the core curriculum.