Performance, CloudFlare & web fonts

Watch some videos looking at how to check the performance of your website, set up CloudFlare for better performance & delaying font loading.

1 Browser developer tools

This video is a quick introduction to using the browser developer tools to test the performance of your website.

2 Online tools

Learn about some online tools for testing website performance.

3 CloudFlare settings

Look at the settings inside CloudFlare to help you pass performance tests.

4 Sub-setting fonts

Learn how reduce the download size of the fonts on your website by removing all the extra characters that you don’t actually use on your website.

This is only necessary when using Google Fonts in combination with the “Delaying font rendering” technique described below.

5 Delaying font rendering

Learn how to get your website visible on screen more quickly by delaying the web fonts from rendering.

This is only necessary when using Google Fonts—Typekit will already do this for you.